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Hi, I'm Jeewoong Chang. This is my personal, public-facing knowledge wiki. I created this website for the following purposes:

  1. To further solidify my understanding of concepts by synthesizing them into wiki articles.
  2. To use it as an always-accessible knowledge base anywhere in the world on any device by hosting it on an external server.
  3. To share my knowledge with the world, for completely free, by making it public.

Topics discussed on this wiki are more academically oriented and have an unapologetic personal bias:

  1. Computer science literature and programming handbook
  2. Natural sciences encompassing biology, physics, and mathematics
  3. Other fields' general-audience oriented books
  4. Personal development
  5. Media analysis and theory

If I come across an interesting idea, I first capture and understand it in an analog fashion. Then, only the ideas worth archiving for long-term reference and those that are publicly publishable get synthesized into a wiki entry. For an idea to make the cut, it first has to be worth the time, and effort required to copy it into my paper notes. Then, it has to be worth copying it here once again. Personal opinions and projects are published on my blog instead. This wiki is merely storage of knowledge, not my portfolio.

All borrowed ideas are sourced as responsibly as possible in the ACM format. If there are any omissions, please kindly inform me.

The unavoidable fact of any knowledge creation is that it may, at any point, be debunked and replaced. Any entry on this wiki might be outdated. It is for this reason that I cite my sources, with the year of publication included where possible, such that the discerning reader can sift through the information.

The organization of this wiki is atomic, with one page representing a single idea. Wikipedia-style articles are too difficult to write and maintain by one person. (And this wiki will remain a one-person project, for its primary purpose is to organize knowledge that I understand. Any public usage is merely a beneficial side effect.)

How to Find Articles

  1. Search in the search bar.
  2. Browse the sitemap.

Start Here

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